We are UNIQA

UNIQA Insurance Group – Group Executive Board

The Management Board of UNIQA Insurance Group AG consists of Andreas Brandstetter, Kurt Svoboda and Erik Leyers. In the meetings of the Management Board, Hartwig Löger, Wolfgang Kindl and Klaus Pekarek are usually included with an advisory vote. The resulting body is known as the Group Executive Board, presented below.

Management Board UNIQA Insurance Group AG (photo)

From left to right:

Klaus Pekarek
Management Board member for Bank Sales UNIQA Austria

Wolfgang Kindl
CEO Uniqa International

Andreas Brandstetter
CEO Uniqa Group

Kurt Svoboda
CFO/CRO Uniqa Group

Erik Leyers
COO Uniqa Group

Hartwig Löger
CEO Uniqa Austria